Wow – week 3 is here! Let’s jump in.

By now, you should feel comfortable with some basic electronics. This week, we are going to learn about the motor board and how to power motors. There is also a bonus lesson about using the lasers. Pew-pew.

The presentation that I cover can be downloaded here as well.

Step 1: Introduction & What I’ve Built

Learn about who “Chaddh” is and what he can do.

Step 2: Ultimate Laser Guide

Learn about lasers, and see my cool green laser. We’ll also learn how to power and control the laser.

Step 3: Learn About Motors

Driving a motor is more complicated than just applying power, let’s learn why.

Step 4: That Motor Board

To drive a DC motor, we need to use more power! (You know — current x voltage). Let’s see how this motor board works.

Step 5: Controlling Our Motors

And finally, let’s apply some power to this motor board and spin some motors.

If you have any DC motors laying around, see if you can get the to work with this motor shield.

Next week we are going to cover our Bluetooth module. Because of limitations in PictoBlox, we are also going to install and use the Arduino IDE. Which means we are going to learn how to write some code.

Think about what you want to add to your vehicle, maybe a funny stuffed animal, or a creepy monster, or maybe even the start of a quarantine parade.

If you have questions or run into problems, you can call or email me any time. [email protected] / 605-610-9455